Affordable Meal Kits

Taking from the idea from the MLK session under local buying ideas

  • Use the Blue Apron model to create affordable meal kits with easy to follow directions; Coordinate with apartment complexes; Have students for community service teach classes on how to use

There are thousands of ideas for meal prep available online but if people are strapped for time all the great ideas don’t help much. Blue Apron and other meal kit services solve a problem, but only if you can afford the high cost. I think it would be possible to take this model and do it locally and make it both affordable and educational.

Create affordable, ready to cook meals that can either be delivered to homes or picked up at local hubs. This could be the local hair salon, a church or a community center.

In addition, to the meals nutrition and education materials about ingredients would be included and a website would host cooking videos on basic skills and techniques.

Why might this be a valuable idea for Indy? This would help make healthy food available to people in food deserts that are also short on time or cooking skills.


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