App for Community Gardens

While community gardens are a great way for kids and their families to learn about healthy eating and grow their own food, a drive around Indianapolis will find many thriving community gardens and many other empty, vacated community gardens. Why? Because the volunteer managers leave or gardening is harder than they thought.

My idea is for an App for Community Gardens – and for both the members and the manager of the community garden to use.  It would provide step by step instructions and a database of plant information. It would also allow for individuals to sign up, and create a mini “social network” for the garden. You could post the weekly gatherings to work at the garden, questions, pictures, etc.  If you stop by and see that someone has some ripe produce that needs to be picked, you can send them a note with a picture through the app.

It could even work like the NextDoor app where you could see the conversations in the nearby community gardens, and post questions to the wider audience if needed.

Why might this be a valuable idea for Indy? It would help support existing community gardening efforts.

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