Name/description: Crowd-sourced, just-in-time fresh food (meat, cheese, eggs, produce)

App Purpose: “NextDoor” style donations/teaching/farm resources/Q&A / Build relationships of community

Target customer: Resource communities (churches, businesses, food banks, restaurants, concerned citizens)

The pitch: Brining together people w/resources to affect the underserved

Benefit: Continual access to fresh food in urban desert

Reason to believe: None of us got where we are by ourselves; Relationships bridge the gap to bring equity between resourced and underserved communities

Dramatic differentiator: The app brings global collaboration for local success in neighborhoods of need


  1. Ritech/DeveloperTown -> development team
  2. Crowdsource $
  3. One city – MVP
  4. Expand to test cities -> geographically apart
  5. App -> banner ads for revenue

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