Community Controlled Food Initiative Website/App

We will create a website or mobile app to enhance and expand the impact of the Community Controlled Food Initiative ( CCFI is a food buying cooperative where Indy residents buy a monthly share and we purchase wholesale from local farmers.

The website/app will have the following features:

  • Allow neighborhood gardeners/farmers to sell their produce on a community marketplace
  • Allow CCFI to more easily purchase from small producers by allowing us to easily see the quantity available of various kinds of produce and buy from multiple farmers/gardeners.
  • Allow consumers to purchase from small farms/gardens

The project could potentially be a collaboration with, which has similar features.

Where are you at with the solution? Already implemented and trying to expand or improve upon

Why might this be a valuable solution for Indy? This app would greatly benefit CCFI and also be a platform for other communities around Indianapolis and beyond to support a local food economy and self-reliance, self-determination in community. It could become a source of economic opportunity for people generally left out of the traditional economy and help build new relationships among neighbors.

What resources, advice or support would be helpful for you in moving forward? Funds to develop the platform.

Lead contact: Alvin Sangsuwangul