Community Gardens reaching kids

There was a recent article in Guideposts and also the WSJ on the Randolph Community Gardens. It is a beautiful story about how kids started stopping by a urban dress shop owner and she eventually starts teaching them where food comes from. They go on to participate in a community garden, and the dress shop owner eventually leaves her job and focuses full time on this garden.

There are a few interesting lessons in the story.

  • The gardens started with engaging kids, and then grew to engage their families. The article quotes that last year, they had more than 300 children and 150 adults gardening.
  • Like many community gardens, it nearly closed due to declining interest and a lack of volunteer management (before the shop owner agreed to do so).
  • They were able to draw on the expertise of seniors living in the area.

Based on this article, my idea would be to create a way to both start and support more community gardens in the city with a focus on kids (and adults and seniors). I’m not sure what support exists in Indianapolis, but it would be great if there were designated experts that could stop by and help the local, volunteer managers – especially with soil questions.

Why might this be a valuable idea for Indy? Putting community gardens in the communities themselves make it a convenient and fun way to learn and provide for themselves.


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  1. At Indianapolis Public Library, we have seed libraries at two locations: Glendale Branch and Spades Park Branch. How can we make more people aware of the seed libraries and free seeds? How can we help people begin to grow their own food? What about partnering with Indy Parks like the Keystone Monon Community Garden did at Arsenal Park? Can we streamline that process? Spades Park has the Spades Park Library across the street with a seed library inside. Both of our sites offer community workshops run by master gardeners or other professionals, but how can we get the word out?

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