Cooking Matters Classes

The Indy Hunger Network is partnering with the Marion County Department of Health, YMCA, and Top Ten Coalition to teach cooking and nutrition education classes using the Cooking Matters curriculum, developed by Share Our Strength. Participants learn about good nutrition but also get hands-on practice with cooking healthy meals and take home groceries each week to make a meal for their families. The class also provides information on how to cook healthy foods on a limited budget, and students practice purchasing the ingredients for a healthy recipe with a $10 gift card. The Indy Hunger Network is looking for partners and support to expand this program and teach more classes.

Why might this be a valuable idea for Indy? Cooking Matters helps participants eat healthier meals and save money by cooking at home. There are other cooking classes, nutrition classes, and cooking demonstrations available, but there are not enough classes available to meet the need. Cooking Matters is unique in its hands-on approach to teaching cooking, nutrition, and meal planning on a budget in one class.


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