Empowering Youth ideas

How might we empower youth to inspire healthy eating in their families?

  • By telling parents how important it is for them to live long
  • Nutrition education in school curriculum
  • Family based healthy cooking classes
  • Full coverage instruction: growing, choosing/buying, preparing, preserving, keeping
  • Grow a school garden – can be used as a tool to teach science, math, art, etc. too
  • “Fruit snack” – provide FRESH fruit for morning snack
  • Neighborhood based instructors
  • Farm to school program so kids and parens can shop healthy together
  • Students having a try and tell show – try a new healthy food and tell the class your experience
  • Plant the idea of growing food
  • Start up Home Ec classes in certain schools again!
  • Gardens
  • I would create parent-children cooking day at school
  • Coordinate with community centers, Boys & Girls Club – to offer food classes
  • Cooking classes for kids!
  • Have a healthy cooking class
  • Tell kids how important it is
  • Require schools to provide FRESH fruits and veggies at school
  • Teaching them at a young age, whats the right and wrong foods to eat
  • Involve students on preparing their own meals
  • Cook the veggies with cheese to make things taste better; Taste table with raw vegetables – offer a dip
  • Increase the junk food price so healthy is more affordable
  • Make lunch a class at school – lessons are recipes/preparing lunch each day. Homework is teaching family.
  • Send food home to students
  • Incorporate cooking classes and urban farming into after school activities and weekend community programs
  • Use the Blue Apron model to create affordable meal kits with easy to follow directions; Coordinate with apartment complexes; Have students for community service teach classes on how to use

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