Farmer’s Fridge vending machine

Stolen idea from Farmer’s Fridge:

Why should junk food be so easy to get, but not healthy food? And who says healthy can’t be delicious, too? No sir, not us. Our big idea is to make slow food, available fast. To deliver a fresh take on fresh. To turn the vending machine into a veggie machine. And make access to healthy, delicious food the rule, not the exception. 

Don’t think of the Farmer’s Fridge kiosk as a vending machine. It’s a veggie machine. And just as each salad is a culinary thing of beauty, the kiosk is a work of art in its own right. Made from reclaimed wood (provided by Modern Urban Woods of West Chicago) and even some recycled materials, each one is unique and user-friendly.

Why might this be a valuable idea for Indy? Could this concept work in Indy? Possibly in collaboration with Indiana farmer’s markets?

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  1. I for one, love the idea. Its very new and healthy.As a working adult that doesn’t like being slowed down , this would be my first choice of Lunch because its light and unlike a big juicy burger, veggies try to work with your body and not against it. There has been many times I’ve gotten upset seeing the same unhealthy things in the regular vending machines due to myself having ” Gall Bladder” Surgery,So seeing these around the city would be a huge relief. I wouldn’t feel I have to settle for the dry healthy granola bar. I believe Farmers Fridge will make great sales here and our Hoosiers proud.

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