Food Haven Ministries

Food Haven Ministries seeks to be a full-service food pantry and clothing closet to benefit the neighborhoods surrounding 21st and Post (the closing of a Marsh Store has created a food desert in this area).  In addition to the pantry and closet, we will be supplying a hot meal once a month for a maximum of 100 people. We are seeking start-up costs.  At the time, we are communicating with two churches to secure a location for our services.  And lastly, we will be arranging pick up for fresh food bags from the Community Controlled Food Initiative at the Kheprw Institute twice monthly and delivering the food to individuals in the 46219 and 46235 zip codes. Our goal is to eventually offer van service to and from the grocery store two days per week.  We will urge our clients to switch their pharmacy to either Kroger or Walmart (these will be the only grocery stores we will provide transportation to).     Eventually, we would like to obtain funding to assist clients on a need basis with tackling the stumbling blocks to having a car and driving legally (including legal fees, car repairs or buying a vehicle costing up to $1000.00 per household). 


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Lead contact: Tamara Ajimati

Email: [email protected]