Grow Your Future Program

Name/description: Grow Your Future Program – a high school student “urban framing” training/internship program


  • Access to fresh fruits and vegetables
  • Urban farming provides access to healthier and better tasting produce while equipping participants with life skills & awareness for learning
  • Lifetime benefit of learning how to grow food (“teach how to fish”)
  • Urban setting learning
  • Responsibility, caring for things, sense of pride
  • If they don’t perform, it dies!
  • Awareness of what they are learning -> gardening -> kitchen -> eating
  • Food safety learning what to do with food before eating

Reasons to Believe

  • We’ve set up urban farming with other schools before
  • Invite them to take a field trip to another successful school
  • Testimonials from other students
  • Show basket of yummy grown fruit and vegetables
  • Opportunity to have the personal experience of tasting leads to belief that fresh food tastes better

Dramatic Differentiators (why customer should be excited)

  • Proof it tastes better – taste test fresh grown / store bought
  • Build relationship with other students
  • Yuck doll – what to fill body with
  • Athletic performance – sports fuel


  • Needs space for the garden
  • Need money
  • Its a pilot program in Indy
  • People that have done it bring things to get new one started
  • Can sell or give food away

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