Indy Food Council Ideas


  • Grow food closer to those who don’t have it
  • “Get your drivers license” support somehow
  • Utilization of unused or retired school or city buses for mobile markets
  • Bicycle delivery
  • Uber-type App w/local grocers that are piloting online ordering w/at-store pick-up
  • Buses run regularly
  • Delivery service for Elderly at low cost
  • Affordable transport maybe partner with Lyft or Uber
  • Use church shuttles to drive people to stores on weekdays
  • If show grocery store receipt from that day you get free transportation on IndyGo

Urban Agriculture

  • Grow food closer to those who don’t have it
  • Edible sidewalks
  • Tool loan programs for initiating community gardens (MCDHD loans for clean up – can expand)
  • Increase access to real estate for farms, blight
  • Centralized distribution center to spur economic viability
  • Provide information to those interested in farming in ares where food is compromised – get input from community
  • More incubator networks i.e. Purdue Extension
  • Ensure water source security for urban gardens

Nutrition Education

  • Grow food closer to those who don’t have it
  • Make it about knives and fire and dirt and cool things
  • Mother/kid cooking classes
  • Modified nutrition education in elementary schools/HS
  • Point of sale ->education classes or food experiences
  • Begin introduction & ed on healthy eating as early as possible (includes new fruits, veggies & food prep/cooking)
  • HS student “urban farmer” training
  • Internships through city

Alternative Retail Models

  • Grow food closer to those who don’t have it
  • $ Store produce sites
  • Mobile markets
  • Foot trucks
  • Increase farmers markets or mobile food trucks
  • Coop with delivery service
  • Coop run cafes linked w/urban farms & individual growers
  • Youth farmer’s market
  • Coop based food sharing grocery store
  • Including prepared foods in the mobile also
  • Increase school food pantry programs
  • More delivery options from groceries (delivery unregulated)

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