Local Buying ideas

How might we create affordable ways for people to buy healthy food in the areas where they live?

  • Grow your own
  • Lobby for SNAP to be used as an online payment method
  • Pop up shopping options where people go regularly
  • We could donate food and then sell them for a much lower price or just give them out?
  • Support $/or create food co-ops (not necessarily organize/non-GMO to be more affordable)
  • Pop up store
  • Price cut
  • The Cool Bus
  • Pop-up farmers markets twice a month
  • Food stands/farmers markets at major stop/centers
  • Have a bus to take them to Good will and back to their house
  • I think they should grow their own or make a community garden
  • Peapod style delivery to rural areas
  • Make an old house into a cheap grocery store!
  • Food Coop: So-Bro/Glendale, Closed Marshs, Keystone Plaza; South Speedway, IN (Lyndhurst and Rockville Road) – convert to grocery and warehouse
  • Use the Blue Apron model to create affordable meal kits with easy to follow directions; Coordinate with apartment complexes; Have students for community service teach classes on how to use

Repurposing old supermarkets: To being the former Double 8  Food across Illinois must e purchased, possibly by a new not-for-profit. The site ideally could be a neighborhood grocery and and food co-op. And include senior citizens on its board of directors or management.

The Food Artery: Publicly stationed kiosks that have real time updated information about food donation locations. Features: Fod insecure person can know where to get free healthy food, verification card ensures data collection for food insecurity researchers and government, jobless people can also volunteer for non-profits in return for meals/minimum wage. The main issue it solves is creating awareness amongst food insecure people about existing options of getting free healthy food.

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