Mobile Grocery

Target Customers

  • “Paula” – Walkers
  • “Doug” – Retired Veteran
  • Communities/school
  • Extended families


  • Mobile grocers that come to them
  • Improving access
  • Monitoring quality of produce
  • Maintains low cost
  • Food to fuel the people “FFTP”

Reason to Believe

  • Healthy food impacts
  • People are already there
  • People used Garden on the Go
  • Models for success outside of Indy
  • Builds community
  • Alternative retail model – trans
  • Access SNAP
  • Vouchers for volunteer work

Dramatic differentiators

  • Healthier options within range
  • Healthy food access within range


  • Secure investors
  • Work with those with experience with gardens for their food
  • Prototype
  • Talk to large grocers
  • Create customer point map

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