Nurition Shuttle

Create a system similar to the senior communities that provide bi wkly are monthly transportation to and from area groceries. A different (store) one each week. Possibly transportation buses similar to those shuttles at airport that allowed space for bags (only where they can keep their groceries with them) a fee for a monthly/yearly pass to access the “Nutrition Shuttle”. Teleprompter with meal ideals, healthy foods,  how to make their food/money last longer. Their a captive audience while on the shuttle.

Why might this be a valuable idea for Indy? Allows access to nearest supermarkets in their area, eliminates spending food stamps and cash at gas stations and convenience stores as much, as we know items are 2 -3 times higher in these places.

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  1. Would it be helpful to have the driver or a host available on these shopping trips to help answer questions? Questions about what to do with certain fruits and vegetables, how to find the best bang for your buck, what the confusing labels mean and recipe ideas.

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