Expand Nutrition Education for Youth and Families

Purdue Extension provides FREE lessons on food and nutrition for individuals and groups  with limited resources in the community.  Our practical, hands-on lessons help people

  • stretch food dollars
  • plan fast, easy and healthy meals
  • handle food safely
  • increase physical activity
  • prepare healthy snacks
  • make vegetables fun and tasty
  • find out about SNAP benefits and other community resources

Lessons are free and fun!

Participants also get to

  • earn a free cookbook and handy kitchen items
  • cook and sample food
  • take home easy, low-cost recipes
  • learn basic food preparation skills

We know these classes are effective; we are working very hard to reach even more qualifying audiences for our programs.

The current challenge we face with expanding our program is getting in front of the target audiences (people with limited resources).  Presently, we have 20 educators in Marion County (English- and Spanish-speaking).  Most of these educators are actively seeking groups to teach to, as well as trying to get students to attend classes.

For more information about our programs, visit eatgathergo.org.


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