Specialy Food Pantry for individuals with severe allergies and medically restrictive diets



Access to available food pantries or other solutions may not equal opportunity to meet dietary restrictions for those with severe food allergies, medically restrictive diets, and/or related disease and adds an additional layer to food insecurity and increased hunger.  A food resource dedicated to these individuals provides a niche in the current charitable food chain that works with existing resources.

Why might this be a valuable idea for Indy? Following a model currently used in Missouri at the Food Equality Initiative, Indy could benefit from a charitable food system that identifies, sorts, stores, and distribute special diet foods along with providing education and advocacy for the food insecure with medically restrictive diets.

The specialty niche resource can couple with many of the current infrastructure and growing list of resources and ideas for an often overlooked need.

Visit: http://foodequalityinitiative.org

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