Statehouse Ideas


  • Own cart
  • Church assistance – 1/2 church 1/2 person
  • Free transportation
  • Drivers license support
  • Bus stop shopping w/QR code scanning
  • Shuttles to and from bus stops
  • Carts that you keep
  • Church vans/buses
  • The grocers can offer a dedicated bus to/from their stores
  • Making community bikes with baskets
  • VUBER “Volunteer Uber” – people that volunteer to help like uber but its VUBER
  • Carts that you keep

Urban Agriculture

  • Revolving loan funds
  • Connect urban farming to workforce development for youth & adults
  • Offer paid training for urban farmers
  • Harness community donations

Food & Nutrition Education

  • Teach youth about preparing meals without electricity & gas
  • To be aware of the effect food-healthy & unhealthy – has on a person
  • Start a club at school
  • Teach the youth to cook
  • Colorful food challenge

Alternative Retail Models

  • Affordable delivery service
  • Youc an get the delivery to be free
  • Walmart could deliver
  • Lower prices
  • The Cool Bus – Veteran farming coalition
  • Pop-up stands
  • Unity Garden Model 574-325-4361

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