The Community’s Grocery Store

Although the Mid-North area has been designated a food desert and abandoned by conventional grocery stores, the residents are dedicated to controlling their own destiny. Instead of waiting for a company to bring a grocery store to the community, neighbors plan to work together to open a store themselves.

We are proposing a new food co-operative to be founded in our community by and for the neighbors to provide affordable, high-quality, healthy grocery service to the residents. Community members will pay an agreed upon fee to become member owners. The fee will afford them voting privileges and give them the power to create a co-op they can be proud of.

We have identified three phases of starting a food co-op, which involve building community support, planning, and implementation.

Successful completion of Phase One will provide a solid foundation for the planning and implementation phases. The first phase is so critical because it places the needs and buy-in of the community at its core. In order for the food co-op to be successful, it requires the physical, emotional and financial support of its members.

Phase One will include:

 Hosting events to build awareness among the broader community,

 Assessing common interest and needs to form a shared vision/mission (surveys, interviews),

 Adopting a structure for leadership and accountability,

 Creating community excitement and support,

 Conducting a feasibility study,

 Designing and launching a membership program.

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Lead contact: Brittanie Redd

Email: [email protected]