The Food Artery – Public Interactive Digital Kiosk for Checking Real-Time Updated Information about Nearby Food Donation Locations

The Food Artery has three main features

1. It lets homeless/food-insecure people access real-time updated information about nearby food donation locations without the need for registering into the system.

2. If one registers, it gives a personalized list taking into account dietary restrictions and medical conditions and the documents the person has necessary to avail free food from these suggested locations.

3. Once registered, the user also has the option of reserving a spot for a convenient (predetermined) food delivery locations (by non-profit organizations like Second Helpings) in case the suggested locations are too far away.

Where are you at with the solution: Evaluating and researching solution

Why might this be a valuable solution for Indy? Indy has many non-profit organizations ready to help. It also has many homeless/food-insecure people who are unaware of all the resources available to them. Both parties do not have an effective way of reaching out to each other and The Food Artery acts as a link between them. Furthermore, the information that the system collects can provide great insights for food-insecurity researchers to understand which area of Indy requires the most focus and mitigate the issue.

What resources, advice or support would be helpful for you in moving forward? 

1. Financial Aid
2. Advice on where to place these kiosks
3. Support from the staff of non-profit organizations

Lead Contact: Anagha Varrier

Email: [email protected]