The Food Artery

The Food Artery is a collection of publicly stationed Kiosks that provide food-insecure people with a real-time updated list of nearby food donation locations. Think of it more like those BlueIndy kiosks where you enter all your data, scan your verification documents and you get a card in exchange, then you use your card for all the future interactions with any kiosk. This can guarantee verification, storage of medical information and dietary preferences. NPs like Second Helpings can now make routine deliveries in food desert areas at predetermined locations at predetermined time slots and users can choose to reserve a spot in those locations so that the organisation knows how much food to bring to each location. Apart from that, this system can provide an abundance of data to food-insecurity researchers which will in turn help in decreasing the prevalence of this issue.

Why might this be a valuable idea for Indy? Indy has a lot of nonprofit organisations working towards getting healthy food to people and it also has a lot of food deserts. The main problem that I have noticed while interviewing non-profits and homeless people is that non-profit organisations have no way of reaching out to people who are not part of any other non-profit and food-insecure people have a limited awareness of all the non-profit organisations, soup kitchens, food pantries and churches that serve free food. Connecting both these groups would help food-insecure people in Indy get 3 free healthy meals a day.

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