Transportation ideas

Improving PUBLIC transportation:

  • Bus stops closer to store
  • Bus drop off needs to be near Walmart front entrance (not across the street with heavy traffic)
  • Direct bus service to grocery stores and Walmart (not 3 buses)
  • Have a bus to take people to a grocery store and pick them up in 45 minutes
  • Light weight shopping cart – personal, easy to carry on the bus (Kroger gives item at free or discounted price to encourage)
  • combine transit stopes and shopping grocery stores
  • Bus line time line
  • I would create a shopping cart that I can carry in the bus
  • CICOA: Central Indiana Council on Aging – They provide transportation services in central Indiana. They also have lists of other alternative transportation resources. 317-803-6153
  • Give people free bus passes – or they can make grocery bus passes (3 times a month)

IUPUI Enactus – IUPUI would like to utilize existing modes of transportation owned by community centers/churches to transport residents of food deserts to small businesses with healthy food. In order to do this, we would like to utilize technology to create routes for the aforementioned at need residents, the bus (transportation) would go along the route once – twice a week and transport residents to partner stores. The residents would pay a small fee that keeps the cost/bottom line even. We would like to parter with stores to provide coupons/sales for the residents. We have more to add, if you have any question, please contact Matt Watkins at

PRIVATE transportation ideas:

  • See the COOL Bus plan – Jeff Piper 317-946-8365
  • Motorized bicycle with big baskets
  • Car pool to and from
  • Sell grocery carts for pedestrians to use
  • Suggest an item or two to buy and have a follow up cooking class
  • Have a taxi or an uber that we would rent
  • Coordinate with neighbors with cars to commute to grocery stores and pay for gas
  • Discount program using taxi/uber going to and from grocery stores
  • My transportation idea: We could stop and leave a bike
  • Through Kroger, residents could place orders ahead of time, and then arrange a joint pick-up to reduce the transportation costs. Other Kroger shoppers could also “pay it forward” by covering their transportation costs.
  • Shared cart (community): covered for the weather. A float of 10 shared carts per community to ride to the closest store. Enough space for 2 adults and grocery. $8 per ride.

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