Community Ideas

Urban Agriculture:

  • What if all apartment complexes dedicated “greenspace” to community gardens to help provide supplemental fresh food to tenants?
    • Yes! So much wasted space out there!
  • Way to link small scale gardens/farmers to distributors
    • Exchange method->

Food & Nutrition

  • Older adults mentor teens as gardeners to do programming for younger kids
  • Play cafe w/indoor garden to teach community members a skill for hope and opportunities


  • Cool bus – mobile grocery (SNAP)
  • Deliver “fresh food trucks”

Alternative Retail Methods:

  • “Ugly” produce stores (like France)
  • Biz support – $, accounting, management, training, coaching
  • Make to-go meals for sale at low cost from “expired” produce
  • Gardens on the Go
  • Use food to create economic opportunities -> employment, biz ownership

At the center of it all: Purdue Extension